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 Verda Rules & FAQ
Santa Verda
 Posted: Oct 10 2016, 11:16 PM
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Please read before you create your character. For anything not addressed, speak to an administrator.
18+ Premium ▲ Advanced ▲ 400 WC ▲ Character Driven Sandbox Style ▲ Fluid Time

Note: Guests have limited view of the boards.


Santa Verda is a mainly urban city setting, a cross between Los Angeles and Las Vegas fringed by deserts and the Soledad Mountains. Life in Verda County can be beautiful for the lucky few. It can be a gritty, mysterious, and dangerous existence for others. Supernaturals remain legends in the world of mortals but they exist among society indiscernible from the humans that outnumber them. They are disorganized, somewhat isolated, and often unaware of each other.

The lives of Santa Verda's residents will intersect in an infinite number of ways.

We are a low fantasy roleplaying environment with an overall theme inspired by the “southwestern gothic” genre. Santa Verda is a populated city rife with luxury and squalor, clutched by a strong religious past and Latin American roots; the rural areas are also steeped in violent history of conquerors and cults. We are inspired by atmospheres such as Silent Hill, Gotham, Vampire the Masquerade, From Dusk Till Dawn, True Blood, Breaking Bad, No Country for Old Men and others.

There are established species with flexible-lore concepts. Wherever you may get your inspiration - legends, other RPGs, your own creations - you may be able to incorporate them into your character to make a truly unique version of the species we have available, along with any factions and plot opportunities from both individuals and site-wide events.

  • We are an advanced role-play community that focuses on both quality and quantity with a word count of 400. We do have a sub-board available for rapidfire posting, which is a series of posts that are less than 200 words. We focus on character driven plot progression and long-term character development. We enjoy detailed world-building, creating multi-layered plots, societies, factions, and relationships.
  • Third person past or present tense for continuity with the exception of application history and development boards.
  • Please proofread all submissions and utilize proper grammar and spelling. Emotes, chatspeak, and the like are not permitted IC or in applications except for Communications.
  • Active character status is usually done on an as-needed basis by roll calls. Some will require a most recent post. Others will just be an interest check. Holidays, school, and the like are taken into consideration so don't consider them hard limits. RL first. Always speak to an admin with any concerns.
  • Characters and boundaries. Communicate with your partners on what you're comfortable with and what your limits are before threading.
  • Separate IC from OOC.
  • Any complaint or concern brought to our attention will be completely anonymous.
  • Use the Away board for any announcements regarding extended leave or speak to Tsarevyn privately if you are concerned about activity check.
  • We are a laid back site with a generally slow posting rate. If you have expectations/concerns about posting frequency, speak to your partner in private. Be fair. On the other hand, if you are often scarce (or will be), let your partners know.
  • Common sense rules of roleplaying apply.
  • This includes biographies and descriptions pulled from other sites that were not written by the player, specific character concepts, plots, application templates, posts, etc. Our specific lore at Santa Verda remains at Santa Verda and cannot be used anywhere else. This includes slavery, aura, the Wiki, events, and more that we have created ourselves. The appropriate host will be contacted regarding cases where our information is used and pages are regularly run through Copyscape.
  • Though it's not required to join Discord, it is the easiest way for members to chat with each other if you are una mariposa sociable. Feel free to join and lurk for a bit. Your nickname will be displayed as your OOC name should you register
  • Save controversial subjects, debates, health issues, personal life details, etc. for PMs or private channels. This is our way of escaping (looking at you, Facebook).
  • No reminders to respond to threads in Discord Private messaging will suffice if there is concern.
  • Any 18+ links and material will be posted in #nsfw-theblackmarket channel, which you may join at your own risk. This channel includes mature (or immature) conversation, explicit photos, links, and ill humor. You are able to mute and hide the channel if you have entered and are not interested in it. Administration reserves the right to deny content.
  • Face claims are not mandatory. Please leave it at the default avatar or use a photo that is not a cartoon and is relevant to the character for character accounts.
  • Celebrities only. Signed actors, models, and musicians. No social media celebs, reality shows, Suicide Girls, porn stars or politicians and no minors. Stick to present time (within the last 10 years).
  • Face claims can be reserved up to 1 month for 2nd characters. Once application is completed, the players should indicate the application is ready in a post beneath the biography and remove WIP.
  • Character cap of 8. If the player wishes to have more than 8 characters, this will be judged on administration discretion. NEW PLAYERS: To create your 2nd character, your first character must be active for 1 month.
  • Administration will move a WIP application to archive in 21 days. The application will remain in archives for members who have been around for 6 months. Members who have been present and active for 6 months or longer will attain permanent status on the site (their accounts and content won’t be deleted). Members less than 6 months will have the WIP deleted within 3 months of archiving, and account deleted within 3 months of inactivity.
  • A character cannot be played until an administrator places a quoted approval post beneath the application.
  • Minor characters (anyone below 18) are not allowed to be created as playable characters. They may only be played as NPCs, but are not allowed to be played in sexual content.
  • Characters cannot be in occupations of high power that control the city, state, or country. Characters cannot be literal gods and goddesses/royalty of elements and concepts, real life historical figures, the figure of a legend (Zeus, Lucifer), existing characters from media, among others.
  • History is a required field even if you are in the process of learning about the character. This can always be edited later as the character is fleshed IC. There should be substance in the application that can describe childhood, achievements, failures, and others. It is alright to tweak history, but not to completely rewrite it for plot purposes without notifying staff first.
  • Characters 300 years and older are available to members who have been present for 3 months.
  • Ancients and elders (500+ years) are available to members who have been present for 6 months. Ancients and elders must have history that reflects their age. The content is reviewed more rigorously. As a rule of thumb, the older the character is, the more a player will need to cover. Please cover as many major, defining periods as you can and their failures, accomplishments, friendships, etc. that would contribute to their person today.
  • For all applications, there needs to be enough history to explain motivations, occupation, and conflict for the most part, as well as explain how the character has arrived/operates in Santa Verda. 600 words is the bare minimum for non-Ancients and elders.
  • Occasional activity checks will have you review history and add current timelines to the biography.
  • Characters are expected to be original creations by the writer and not heavily based on existing characters. Be thorough and realistic on events that take place in the history of a character, taking into account how it affects the character upon creation. Feedback will be sent via PM. Though we thrive on drama, realism is important to our environment and character history so avoid unnecessary tragedy, financial omniscience, massive influence in world events, and so on. Sensitive topics are expected to be treated realistically and respectfully without fetishzation. Histories of abuse, rape, war service, etc. need to contribute to character development and affect the character during play.
  • Santa Verda leans more toward realism in a sense that actions and consequences in both applications and IC are not like in cinema. The perks and powers of our species' common lore have been modified to level the playing field between supernaturals and humans. Any powers not mentioned in the synopsis or listed in their abilities means they do not possess them. For example, no fast-moving vampires without Alacrity.
  • Flexible lore means it must fit within the Santa Verda universe and abide by the limits established, but the player the freedom to think of how their character was made, what they believe in, what they do, etc. based on the lore and abilities chosen. The player can be creative but some aspects might not fit this universe. They may draw inspiration from legends, stories, and whatnot, but it must be kept low fantasy fitting for an urban environment.
    Player A apps a lycan who ages as mortals do, was bitten and infected in childhood, and his line tends to possess telekinetic powers but is not able to control his shifting. He originates from a line in Italy. He is currently a bouncer at a club.

    Player B apps a lycan that was born over 200 years ago. This lycan was turned when he had drank water from the pawprint of a werewolf under the full moon. He has control over his shifting due to the Free Will ability. He has no line and is the only lycan he knows about. He has the power of premonition. He is currently a police officer.

    Player C apps a lycan that ages as mortals do. The lycan was born from a long line of monsters who have lived in France, migrated to New Orleans, and recently arrived to SV. He knows how to control his shifting, but even with the Free Will ability, the full moon still affects his memory. The player has chosen that their character has no special abilities beyond Free Will and their included racials. He is unemployed.
    And so on!

  • The character must be one of our existing species. If the character resembles a creature of myth (selkie, djinn, for example), they can be referred to as such in their history but not the species field and still retain the features of their species as we have it.
  • Technology and nature are just like the present day world (no Underworld weaponry). Weapons can be coated in a species-corrosive substance like silver or have slight modifications but be aware of how these modifications affect the accuracy and use.
  • Despite of divine present, there is no proof of any deity existing except for the powerful aura that exists in the angelic and demonic planes. God, goddesses, prophets, and such are still mysteries. Of course all faiths are welcomed and can be exploited through the character, but to have God actually speak with the player’s angel IC is not possible.
  • Please stick with the general theme of Santa Verda and only use abilities and species listed.
This forum uses Text + BBCODE for IC posts. All IC posts must follow this code. Templates may be used for shippers, blog content, and the Communications board.

Images must be rehosted on an image hosting site that allows for third party hosting. Staff reserves the right to remove any image at any time.

Resize your image so it does not stretch the board or is too small for our set dimensions. Avatars are 250x400. Signatures should be no larger than 550x200. Signatures are set up to show once every thread. Please keep avatars and signatures low key; if it's not something you can show your grandmother, avoid it. Bare-chested men, prominent cleavage, implied sexual encounters, etc. make it awkward for those lurking at work or people with children. Aesthetics can be taken to personal Pinterest boards.

No DeviantArt images are to be used.

No explicit images are permitted. However, famous art is permitted (not photography) at the staff’s discretion as they are widely recognized for their contribution. Images can be denied so it is best to run them by staff first if you are unsure.

We are a 3-3-3 site. We encourage freedom in storytelling but recognize that there is a standard to quality regarding mature themes and progressive plot. We implement the use of ratings in titles to act as warnings. A player will use their best judgement when it comes to labeling their threads. A player can always label them if the nature of the thread changes to a rated one by editing their first post. Threads must be marked with a rating if they have any of the following:
  • R: Violence and gore / drug use. This includes, but is not limited to, any physical violence, weaponry, bloodshed, murder, torture.
  • M: Sexual themes are present.
  • X: Controversial themes present, including triggers like abuse, incest, rape, torture, racism, etc.
  • Bestiality, which includes animal/animal and animal/human.
  • Pedophilia.
  • Cybering - sexual threads with no plot purpose.
  • Additional content that may be found inappropriate for the theme/reputation of the site.
Santa Verda
 Posted: Mar 26 2018, 12:48 PM
999 years old
played by Administration
16 posts 2147477172 points
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Four friends decided to make a modern supernatural site to continue their plots when the old venue didn't fit their needs. Santa Verda's soft opening began October 2016. It was officially opened January 2017.

Our site’s overall theme is inspired by the “Western gothic” genre. Santa Verda is a populated city rife with luxury and squalor, with a strong religious past and Latin American roots; the rural areas are also steeped in violent history which will unfold with site events. The setting, although supernatural, is realistic and the characters should be as well with their flaws and accomplishments.

On a technical level, we are a play-by-post sandbox forum in the urban fantasy genre. Santa Verda was established over 500 years ago by Saint Verda before she was burned alive in what is currently the cathedral district. Since then, mysterious sigils have appeared all over Verda County, rumored to grant powers and summon spirits.

Urban fantasy, a sub-genre of low fantasy where it is a normal world and society with magic and the occult being unknown. Lines may be blurred between magical and psychological among humans. The city is the primary setting but can branch further to the mountain range and desert.

Fluid time, modern day.

We have roll calls here, few hard activity checks, but in order to prevent face claim hoarding we would like a post every 60 days or an active site presence for at least 6 months. Roll calls will require that members post the characters they want to keep and what they are currently involved in or would like to involve themselves in. This and personal judgement will determine if a player is around, busy, or truly inactive.

Honestly this was my first question (Tsarevyn) when I had picked RP up again. With common weaknesses, traits, and abilities, species will find similarities among their own while also being different and in practice, is more cohesive than it sounds!

Depends. The easiest place to start is from the ignorant human perspective with the bare minimum being that you have absorbed information in the Wiki and forum descriptions (you wouldn’t move to a new city without knowing anything about it). If you plan on making a supernatural, learning Abilities, Aura, and other Races and Species is a necessity. The lore is easy to digest with little history to absorb. The only optional lore may be Slavery, which is an underground operation and highly unlikely for your character to encounter.

BE PROACTIVE, BE-BE PROACTIVE! Please take the time to write up a plotter/shipper and any wanteds and place them in the appropriate forum. If no existing member takes it, they are likely to attract new members. Also take the time to hit up existing plotters/shippers with characters that are open to new threads. When you DO plot this way, avoid the usual "I think they would go together, let's thread and see what happens," even if you tend to just go with the flow. Suggest a setting, a motive, possible connections and conflict, similarities, and more in your response. A good starting place is to make a character connected to a faction.

200 words or less on a repeated basis, even if the thread's beginning has fulfilled word count. We take our time with posts and are capable of those requirements. Do not post solely in rapidfire to avoid site requirements.

For SV, first and foremost, you need to enjoy writing and reading detail or this will be tedious for you. If you are experienced in roleplaying, can make a multi-layered character, have grasp of the English language, if you can meet the wordcount criteria, give your partners something to work with, hold your end of the scene, not skim over your partner's posts and ignoring material set there for your use, make multiple connections in your plot with the environment as a whole ... you're probably good. We still place merit in detail and development and we still have different styles without crucifying each other. That's the advanced writing culture of SV.

Discord is user friendly, free, mobile, easy to set up, and widely used throughout forum communities. Voice chat and downloading is not required (you can simply save it in your browser tab). It has direct messaging and group chat features with a friends roster plus various channels for subjects. Most of our OOC chat happens here; as we are chat-heavy as a community, it's a good idea to lurk if not fully get involved, to know what's going on. We're friends as much as we are a roleplaying site!

Many sites have ruling players, guilds, boards, committees, courts, etc. over a species. Here at Santa Verda, there is no ruling group but several groups, depending on your faction, with conflicting interests. There can be more than one mafia, vampire council, wolf pack, etc. You may be listed as an official faction when you have at least 1 other player involved. That being said, administration may cap concepts if there are too many in a small environment.

At creation, your supernatural will get 2 species specific abilities and 2 general/species specific abilities (gifted humans 2 abilities from either with no racials), totaling 4 abilities plus their two included racials described in their species synopsis. When choosing these abilities, be prepared to describe them in detail and give weaknesses.

Ancients make wonderful characters and we don't limit them but we feel Ancients must be earned. Using sleep as a means to skip through history is not permitted. Ancients will need history that shows their experiences with human condition and how they coped with change over time. They are held to a higher standard. Keep in mind an ancient will not act, or generally speak, like a 20 year old on Spring Break.

All up to you, according to your storyline. As the supernatural population is scarce, rarely do any come across each other enough to start a "war" as seen in many popular shows and movies. So your character may react to any other species how they see fit, but there is no official declaration of hatred between any at this time, unless individual factions call for it.

Nope! They can be based in other religions that have some form of divine. Djinn or devas, to name a few. Divine are not considered gods, so if you are deriving lore from Greek mythology, please be aware of this.

Supernatural slavery is an underground operation that exists in this universe but as we are not a master/slave oriented site, we recommend looking elsewhere if that is the sole plot a player is looking for and they are unwilling to flesh their character out in other ways

Terms of Service (Premium)
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We are a Premium Jcink hosted site, which means that there are no content rating restrictions on the Premium Service, legal adult content (porn, mature writing, etc) is permitted. Though as per our Santa Verda rules, we restrict any content with:
Bestiality. Pedophilia. Smut - sexual threads with no plot purpose.
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